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Unmatched Qualit

Durable roll out mats is made of a tough PVC leather backed with non-woven polyester for max strength and comfort. The advanced technique used to bond the vinyl surface to the foam means it won't never require reconditioning and will last.

Closed-cell, cross-linked foam makes the mat lightweight. This high-quality athletic foam is resilient and will not harden or break down with repeated use allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life.

Rollout out bjj , mma , martial arts and wrestling mats.

Roll Out Mat Sizes and Density


Standard mat sizes available:
42' x 42'/ 12.6m x 12.6m
30' x 30'/ 9.0m x 9.0m
18' x 18'/ 5.5m x 5.5m

Normal thickness:

1.2"/3cm, 1.5"/4cm, 2"/5cm

Density of XPE foam:

33kg/cbm, 40kg/cbm


BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, Jiu jitsu, martial arts exercise floor

Smooth of surface
Tatami surface
Carpet Surface

                   Velcro connection is easy operation

                             Easy carry away and storage


Tianjin Jiashengyilong Trading Co.,Ltd. belong to XINYILONG factory which focus on Polyethylene foam material. Closed cell structures, eco-friendly, cross linked XPE and EPE. It widely use on kinds of mats, building insulation, shock pad etc.The R&D department keep up with market needs and develops various now products.

We have employed a team of qualified, hardworking and sincere professionals, which has years of experience in this field. All professionals work in different units as their experience and qualification. Our team works according to the specifications provided by the clients to meet their requirements. Moreover, we also arrange training sessions on a regular basis to enhance the skills and knowledge of our team.